Easy World Consulting

Easy World Consulting with Brent BlackLion Nelson

Law of Attraction and Spirituality Consultant

What if this was a new starting point and you had a chance to change things for the better? What would ease and peace of mind be worth to you? 

Hi, I’m Brent.

A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m glad you’re here.

Who am I to offer consulting services?

Firstly, I consider everyone my peer. If you play with me, I won’t down-talk to you, consider you lesser because of some attribute you might have, or expect anything more than you’re willing to offer. Instead, I consider the idea of consulting as knowing a bit more about some important things that you may not have considered while maintain a sacred and joyful space to explore, discover, and transform your life to something better. Not everyone will be suited to these changes, yet with over twenty years of spirituality, writing, creativity, and Law of Attraction coaching experience, plus plenty of life lived, I can guide you to newer habits, fresh ideas, and more purposeful living without all the grinding, unless that’s your thing.

What is Easy World and what is Easy World Consulting all about?

I ascribe to the concept of the Law of Attraction and synthesize my eclectic personal spirituality to set intentions, live through inspired actions, and create a life worth living for myself and others. Easy World is the idea that you take life one moment at a time and that moment can work out in your favor, despite appearances. Fully embodied, Easy World fills your days with worthwhile and rewarding challenges or vast acres of free-time, whatever floats your boat. The reason I espouse personal spirituality for my clients is to help them recognize their inherent strengths and avoidances while also living an empowered, self-led life. Easy World Consulting is all about getting life in order enough to let it work for you instead of working for your dreams in hamster-wheel ways.

Where would we do these sessions?

Depending on your commitment to living in Easy World for yourself, we can have sessions virtually on the internet. Most plans have the option to request a personal live session at a mutually agreeable place, some conditions do apply. Some may prefer an in-home session wherever you are in the world, where arrangements can be made to suit your needs. For everyone, there is a perfect time and place that works. I leave it open since inspiration, availability, and previous commitments might hinder certain types of peer cheerleading and coaching. Flexibility is not-really my middle name, but we’ll get to that in our initial virtual check-in session.

When can I start?

Immediately! Take a few deep breaths, really taking your time in and out until you feel calmer or more at ease. Voila! Bonus: Do what feels best next!

Why does it matter to me?

Are you completely happy? No, most of us aren’t. But we can approach vastly better levels of happiness! 🙂 If you’ve ever considered changing your life to add more fun, play, creativity, and peace of mind, then you’re in the right place! Changes happen gradually until something clicks, and then it’s game on! When you lock into the way your life should be, then you are well on your way to being a permanent resident of Easy World. Are you ready to take that leap forward?

How do I sign up?

Easy! Just click the link below to book your gratis 30-minute consultation call to see if we can play well together to transform you into a full time citizen of Easy World!

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